MiMi the Oriental Mermaid

international performing artist

MiMi - international performing artist show event
Book MiMi the Oriental Mermaid, an international performing artist, for your next  show event!

Are you looking for an international show or act for your event?

MiMi the Oriental Mermaid is a professional performing artist from Japan. She travels and performs worldwide and has a huge list of happy clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America. Her professional act is based on years of experience offering unforgettable and breathtaking shows for events, galas, festivals and conventions.

Are you searching for suitable entertainment for your occasion?

MiMi the Oriental Mermaid’s performance will take your party into another dimension. You have a broad variety of characters and costumes to choose from. The performance can be customized, providing fire shows, light shows, oriental belly dance for 1001 night theme and more for your cultural event like geisha-party, wedding, birthday, VIP- dinner, celebration or corporate party.

Do you want unique special effects for your event?

Your images or company logo can be combined into MiMi the Oriental Mermaids mesmerizing and modern light shows. New LED technology is used to showcase an assortment of images and a seemingly endless range of colours during the performance.

Programs available for a variety of price ranges!

Book an exclusive combination of shows for your event and MiMi the Oriental Mermaid will be there to entertain your guests. Performances can be done either indoors or outdoors.

Magical live performances for your world class events

“I enjoy what I do and would like to share my joy with you. Performing is my love, my passion and my life. I was born in Tokyo, Japan and have traveled and performed in over 100 countries. I love animals, landscapes, plants, meeting people and the arts. Enjoy my world.” – MiMi, the Oriental Mermaid